Where do acknowledgements go in a thesis

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Thesis acknowledgement sample

How to write acknowledgements for a thesis? Unlike a book’s acknowledgement, where you are welcome to write about anything or anyone in much or less acceptable manner, a thesis acknowledgement should be formal because it is a scientific project.

Acknowledgments The Acknowledgments section of your dissertation is unlikely to win you any marks, but since it's probably the third or fourth page that your marker will read, you don't want to start by forgetting to thank someone important.

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With that said, my supervisor was carefully editing every section of my thesis – acknowledgements included – and corrected my brief attempts to depart into less-than-total formality. She said that making (even affectionate and well-meaning) jokes in your acknowledgements was ‘unprofessional’.

The following examples are acceptable ways of formatting your thesis and chapters when including one or more publications.

How to write your Ph.D. thesis

Essential requirements. However, the thesis acknowledgement is not supposed to seem and sound like a testimonial speech at an awards ceremony. Instead, your thesis acknowledgement is a concise vote of thanks, which simply mentions those people who have been directly involved in the thesis creation.

Where do acknowledgements go in a thesis
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Think Before You Thank: Writers & Acknowledgments