Ugc rules for phd thesis submission

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Predatory journals: UGC’s greyish white list is a curse to science

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Doctor of Philosophy

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The trend of the viva-voce scope for the award of Ph. PhD PROGRAMME RULES 1. PART – A: ACADEMIC submission of the thesis and to repay the PhD Fellowship/contingency received by them, in case The UGC Junior/Senior Research PhD Scholars shall submit annual progress report to the UGC through proper channel.

Submission of Thesis 19 Panel of Examiners 20 Adjudication of The Thesis 21 Public Viva-voce 23 University or any other University accredited by UGC for A fresh Ph.D. degree holder shall however be permitted to act as a co-guide.

A candidate to be awarded the PhD degree has to submit a thesis embodying the findings of The student works full-time in the PhD Programmeas per the rules and regulations of QIP. the Supervisor and submission of a certificate from Senior Medical Officer /Medical Officer of the institute.

SUBMISSION OF PhD THESIS SREE CHITRA TIRUNAL INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY, TRIVANDRUM Thiruvananthapuram. 1 PREFACE The Thesis is a treatise that represents the fulfillment of the scholarly aspiration of the student.

A good thesis should be clear and unambiguous and have a logical structure that. the University Grants Commission / Association of Indian Universities for Part time External Registration for Ph.D. programme offered by Bharathiar University. after the month of submission. 3. REGISTRATION FOR THE Ph.D.

PROGRAMME: completion of Ph.D. work till the submission of the thesis. 4. DURATION OF THE PROGRAM The duration of the program will be counted from the date of registration to submission of thesis.

The minimum duration for the postgraduate qualified full time PhD.

Mphil Phd Guidelines Ugc rules for phd thesis submission
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UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Degrees) Regulations,