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Thesis & Dissertation Information

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Of leap, this paradigm creates a significant amount between the text you type and the reader PDF document that includes. TAMU Thesis Class. My LaTeX class for writing a Ph.D. thesis according to TAMU's Thesis Office specifications.

It takes advantage of both LuaLaTeX and the memoir class. Chemistry LaTeX Macros. I've written up some macros to make certain tasks easier in LaTeX. I utilizes packages from the LaTeX3 project, and some of the macros are written in Lua.

Open you dissertation/thesis account with ProQuest and input the title of your dissertation/thesis, which will appear in the Commencement Program. Use the same format as your title page. Use the same format as your title page. thesis proposal cover sheets should be suitably filed.

The final approval of the thesis by the committee members takes place at a student presentation of the thesis or project in an oral defense.


Several Texas A&M University departments, especially within the College of Engineering, use LaTeX software to develop ETDs rather than using MS Word. Thesis and Dissertation Services accepts documents prepared in any of the three templates below. LaTEX Templates Currently the Graduate School does not supply an approved LaTEX template.

Please be aware that using LaTEX does not remove your responsibility to make changes to your formatting when asked to do so by the Graduate School.

Our current Texas A&M University editing experience includes essays, proposals, scholarly articles, and dissertations. Our long-time professional editing experience includes technical books, technical manuals, trade books, business plans, journals, trade magazines, newsletters, websites, and reports.

Thesis office tamu latex
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