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Energy Drink Preference Survey

Energy Drinks are used by many college students, but are they really good for you? We'd like to see what St. Mary's University Students think about them and how often they use them.

Energy drinks are popular among youth ( % have ever drunk). More tenth through twelfth grade students consumed energy drinks than eighth and ninth grade students. Students who began drinking in elementary school ( %) are at elevated risk for current energy drink (P.

Hello: You are invited to participate in our survey Energy Drink Consumption. In this survey, approximately fifteen people will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking Energy Drinks.

It will take approximately five.

A survey of energy drink consumption patterns among college students

This is a survey to find the reasons why people drink the energy drinks they do. This is an informal survey for a class project.

This is a survey to find the reasons why people drink the energy drinks they do. This is an informal survey for a class project. Web survey powered by Your feedback is appreciated!

Survey on energy drinks
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