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In this thesis, we study an energetic electron atmospheric precipitation event that occurred on 17–19 Januaryby quantifying the energy distribution, geographic extent and net flux of. PhD candidate and Space Physics student Rory Gamble submits his PhD thesis ("The January Atmospheric Electron Precipitation Event"); the next day he left New Zealand to take up a research position at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory in Finland.

[28 Marchphoto courtesy of Catarina Sahlberg]. Essays and Articles on Sixteenth Century in Shakespeare's Henry VI and John Foxe's Acts & Monuments - Rory Leitch Wigglesworth, Foxe, Herbert] - Margaret Downs-Gamble Contribution of Sir Walter Raleigh to the Development of English Colonial Enterprise - Sam Hemingbrough The Credit of Truth: Thomas Hariot and the Defense of Ralegh.

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