Nikolas askitis thesis

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Nikolas askitis thesis

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Our algorithm can find templates with k mismatches in sublinear time. In computer science, hash trie can refer to: Hash tree (persistent data structure), a trie used to map hash values to keys A space-efficient implementation of a sparse trie, in which the descendants of each node may be interleaved in memory.

(The name is suggested by a similarity to a closed hash. HAT-trie: A Cache-conscious Trie-based Data Structure for Strings Nikolas Askitis Ranjan Sinha School of Computer Science and Information Technology. The B-trie and B-tree, written in C, as described in my PhD thesis.

B-tries for disk-based string management

- naskitis/B-trie. CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: Use of tree structures for processing files.

Nikolas Askitis · Justin Zobel N. Askitis, J. Zobel which are a critical element of a practical implementation. The B-trie proposed by Szpankowski [89] is simply a static trie indexing a set of buckets that store up to b keys.

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Nikolas askitis thesis
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