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All looks must take a minimum of two formatting-intensive courses at Temple Supplemental as designated by your major requirements. Gandalf Bohan Li has lead interests in: Social Sciences or Works.

To apply for honors, juniors must submit an initial draft of their thesis proposal to their advisor and the program coordinator, [email protected], by June 15 th.

A final draft of the proposal is due to the advisor and the program coordinator by. Honors thesis title: “A Dedication to the Babylonian God Baraulegarra by Rim-Sin I, king of Larsa c.

Andrew Dickson White

B.C.E.: Translation, Commentary, and Context of a Cuneiform Tablet in the Kroch Rare Manuscripts Collection, Cornell University”.

Examining work from the life sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities, we explore the ways in which life and death, disease and survivability, health and thriving are shaped by infectious microbes, embodied eco-social forces, and contingent regimes of knowledge-power.

Students in the new Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity will combine Cornell’s renowned liberal arts and sciences classes in Ithaca with the 21st century tech curriculum at Cornell Tech in NYC. Learn more about the Milstein Program. Education Innovation. The College of Arts Sciences. Search.

Academics. Undergraduate Study; Russian Language Program; Russian Minor; and in their overall academic performance at Cornell. Honors Essay.

the senior thesis can engage the problems and methods of visual studies. The CAPS major gives students experience both on and off campus, including three years in Ithaca, one optional semester in Washington, D.C, ideally, with an honors thesis (CAPS and ).

Any Cornell College of Arts and Sciences student wishing to become a CAPS major must officially apply to the program. Entrance is limited to.

Friday, April 20 Cornell arts and sciences honors thesis
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