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DIY temperature controller for freezer/keezer

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Graduate School Advice Series: 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting A PhD

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Hi Sparrow - thanks for sharing, I thought your recollections & feelings quite genuine & touching - it was a nice & interesting read! I have no association with Rajinder, but used to follow the teachings of Gurinder at RSSB some 17 years ago. Update: there’s more going on here than meets the eye – see the end of the post.

Crazy structure alert! See Arr Oh has pointed out a paper that appeared a few months ago in PLoS ONE, describing a new antibiotic.

Why is only half of Mars magnetized?

Yep, that’s it at left. In this almost prophetic view of American culture, Gioia describes modern America as it enters "postcool" culture. Gioia insists that this postcool culture will be/is marked by desired sincerity, earnestness, and the ability of anyone to cultivate fame and a voice via grassroots movements (i.e.

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Cool thesis blogs
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