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Amit Juneja Carol Espy-Wilson Introduction One of the main reasons current automatic speech recognizers perform poorly in practical applications is the mismatch in the training and the testing. Preparing thesis which is sometime considered a formality or a herculean task by medical students and often wonder why it's a compulsory part of our curriculum.

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RAMAKRISHNAN,SHYAM S. KOTHARI, RAJNISH JUNEJA, BALRAM BHARGAVA,ANITA SAXENA,VINAY K. BAHL. Prevalence of rheumatic heart disease: Has it declined in India?. Amit Mahajan. Department Of Computer Science & IT. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology is a lively and invigorating academic centre for higher education, research, and innovation in key areas of computing.

Dr. Amit Kr. Pandey, P­­­­h.

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D from French National Centre for Scientific ResearchHis PhD thesis was. and Thomas Richardson in the team and Katrin Kirchhoff, Amit Juneja, Kemal Sonmez, Jim Baker, and Steven Greenberg in I am indebted to Fred Jelinek and Sanjeev Khudanpur of CLSP for making these workshops an extremely rewarding way to spend a summer, and for allowing me the opportunity to participate in both projects.

Amit juneja thesis
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